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by Howard Murad 10 ways to reduce inflammation PUFFY Isn't Pretty As we age, certain things are inevitable—and the mirror doesn't lie. No matter how we try to elongate our neck and suck in our cheeks, we look puffy and round-faced, especially the morning after an evening of imbibing. That puffiness is really just inflammation. Cells have leaked their vital intracellular water, and a lack of circulation has made the excess water pool in tissues. While inflammation is more apparent around the eyes, it happens all over the body. CHRONIC INFLAMMATION CAUSES DAMAGE We have all experienced inflammation at one time or another, such as when we have an injury or illness. In healthy individuals, inflammation resolves. All is well again, and skin and tissues normalize. While it may not seem like a good sign, inflammation is the body's signal that healing is happening. But when inflammation is chronic or constant, the beneficial molecules produced for healing end up hurting our cells, which results in tissue deterioration. Skin literally begins to break down, making it more fragile and promoting wrinkles. Skin conditions 6 ASCP Fine Lines

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