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Page 11 of 16 11 Most often, series packages include six or 12 professional treatments, and they are usually sold at a significant discount (7–15 percent) over the price of individual treatments. Following are some series packages your esthetician may suggest. GLYCOLIC OR ALPHA HYDROXY ACID PEELS These acid peels are often performed twice a week in a series for better cumulative results. This is an excellent way to start almost any aging or sun-damaged skin care program or to treat hyperpigmented skin. Before starting an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or glycolic peel series, your esthetician will ask you to begin home treatment (at least two weeks prior to their first peel treatment) consisting of an appropriate cleanser and toner; an AHA serum for daily or twice-daily use with at least 8–10 percent alpha hydroxy concentration; an SPF-30 broad-spectrum sunscreen that you must use daily; and appropriate hydration and eye products. Two weeks of pretreatment before beginning the twice-a-week series will acclimate your skin to the acid, lessening chances of redness and reactivity to the more concentrated professional AHA product used. EXTRACTION TREATMENTS For acne-prone and clogged, congested pores, extraction treatments can be performed either weekly or biweekly. This treatment consists of debris softening with a professional product under steam or warm compresses; a galvanic treatment; extraction of the impactions; antiseptic and soothing treatment as after-extraction care; high frequency applied over gauze; and a cleansing mask appropriate for the specific characteristics of your problem skin. Again, this treatment series will be more effective if you follow your planned home care for a minimum of two weeks prior to starting the series. Home care should include a daily chemical exfoliant, such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or a blended AHA/ BHA serum. These treatments are usually performed weekly or biweekly for six treatments. MICROCURRENT TREATMENTS To improve skin firmness and elasticity, microcurrent treatments are most often sold in a 12-treatment package. Microcurrent treatments are administered twice weekly for six weeks to begin the treatments. This twice-weekly regimen is necessary for corrective conditioning before maintenance treatments begin. Many estheticians make this mandatory, as less frequent treatments do not produce the same results as a six-week intensive series. Monthly or twice- monthly treatments are needed for maintenance of the results. You should be using a home care program that includes collagen stimulants, peptides, AHAs, and ceramides to support the microcurrent treatments. It is not necessary to pretreat for two weeks with microcurrent treatments. ANNUAL PACKAGES After the initial series, your esthetician may recommend an annual package for maintenance. The program works the same way, except you can choose how often you want to have treatment. Most clients visit once a month, but you may opt for more frequent maintenance visits. Annual series packages can also be designed for multiservice treatments, such as a classic facial with an AHA peel or LED treatment. The combined normal cost of the multiple treatments tends to be discounted. Ask your esthetician about discounted annual programs. A BEAUTIFUL INVESTMENT Series packages save you money and get your skin in tip-top shape in a relatively short time. It can seem like a substantial investment, but your healthy, glowing skin will make packages very worthwhile! ▪ Series packages save you money and get your skin in tip-top shape in a relatively short time.

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