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4 ASCP Fine Lines A S K E S T Y E M I L Y by Emily Morgan Associated Skin Care Professionals Skin Care Now Returning to the spa and the value of virtual consultations How do I know when it's safe to go back to the spa? A: The answer to this question varies greatly from person to person, and largely depends on several different factors. First and foremost, your go-to salon will need to be open for business. Depending on your state, your spa could have opened weeks ago, or it still may be going through phased reopening. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep an eye and ear open for business reopening regulations and to follow them. I don't care how bushy your upper lip is getting, do not go to your esthetician's house for services and do not ask them to come to yours. If your spa has reopened and is taking appointments again, you may want to check out their website, social media, or any emails you may have received to see what steps they have taken to ensure everyone's safety. Do a little research and familiarize yourself with any new protocols that you'll need to be aware of and follow. You may find that having an extra bit of knowledge about what to expect before you make your appointment is just the thing you need to ease any outstanding concerns. Still have questions? Turn to page 6 for the article "When You Come Back" to get a feel for what you can expect when you return to the spa. If you're still not sure, call your esthetician. They will be more than happy to address any concerns you still have so that you can come to an informed decision you're comfortable with. And, if after all this you're still just not entirely comfortable going back yet, that's OK too. Your esty wants you to have a positive and relaxing experience when you decide to come back. Everyone runs at their own pace, so take your time. There's no rush. My esthetician wants to charge me for a virtual consultation. How would that be worth the cost? A: Before COVID-19, consultations were typically done within the first 15 minutes of your appointment, and the actual treatment came afterward. You were still charged for the esthetician's time for the consultation, it was just all grouped together with the treatment in one cost. While the concept of paying for a consultation is not new, how it's done certainly has changed. Now, during this time when you may not be able to see your esthetician, the consultation isn't just worth the cost—it's absolutely necessary to keep your skin care program on the right track. The consultation's primary function is to ensure that your esthetician has all the information they need about your skin and any contraindications they need to keep in mind in order to give you the safest and most effective treatment. Your esty is using these sessions to make sure you're keeping up with your at-home regimen, determine whether your skin care concerns and goals have changed, and how your "new normal" lifestyle may be impacting your skin. They will use this information to decide if your current treatment plan makes sense or if it needs to be adjusted before you are able to see them again. In my opinion, the fee is worth every penny to keep your skin happy, healthy, and ready for your next professional treatment. Have a question for Esty Emily? Email her at

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