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Page 6 of 15 7 If you get an amazing facial treatment, but then go home and use soap and water, or a cheap drugstore product, or nothing at all, your professional treatments will have no lasting benefit and you will not look your best. 4. Your esthetician has spent a lot of time and consideration in choosing the home product lines they carry. Feel free to ask why they chose them and why they feel these are the best for your skin. Know that they believe in these products and trust them to do what they need to do. 5. Perform your nighttime routine earlier in the evening before you are tired. As soon as you get home from work and take off your bra (we know you do!), take off your makeup too. That way, you are less likely to stumble into bed without taking care of your skin. 6. Your esthetician should check in with you to see how things are going. If you don't hear from them and have questions, call them and ask! It's a good idea to take pictures of your issue areas on the first visit, and then take new pictures after 2–3 months of treatment to highlight the changes. Skin appearance changes are so gradual you may not notice them. The bottom line of what a skin professional does is help their clients have healthier and better-looking skin. They are an authority on self-care products. They educate themselves on ingredients and how they work. Ask questions, follow your home-care routine, and see your esthetician regularly, and you will be thrilled with the results! ▪

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