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4 ASCP Fine Lines Pro Power Esthetician Emily Morgan answers your questions A S K E S T Y E M I L Y By Emily Morgan Associated Skin Care Professionals I got an "antiaging" facial after receiving a gift certificate, but I don't think it did anything. Seems like a waste of $80. A facial is like a workout for your skin—it may take some time, but with a little bit of dedication and work, you can achieve the results you really want. A professional facial is a great first step! Plus, your skin takes, on average, about a month to go through its shedding cycle, so while you may not notice dramatic results after just one treatment, with regular visits to your esthetician and a daily regimen personalized just for you, you'll be amazed at the difference! Pro Tip: Take before-and-after selfies. Sometimes it's difficult to notice gradual changes, but seeing them side-by- side can be much more enlightening! My skin care therapist wants me to buy a bunch of products, but they seem really expensive. Are they worth the price? It depends. There are two types of skin care products that generally have higher costs compared to their drugstore counterparts: designer and professional-grade products. Designer products can still be more effective than drugstore products, but several of your dollars will be going toward the brand's name, packaging, and the cost to mass market. You can also purchase these types of products at department or beauty retailer stores. Professional-grade products are much less flashy and usually must be purchased at the recommendation of a skin care professional. They contain higher levels of active ingredients and lower levels of preservatives. These two factors have a significantly positive impact on the effectiveness of the product, as well as on the overall health of your skin. Long story short: To make the most of your hard-earned money, do a little research and ask questions. Questions that should make you pause are: Can I buy this product at the mall? Does this brand produce any other products outside of skin care? Does the packaging seem excessive or overly luxurious? Also, be sure to ask your skin care professional what type of quality active ingredients are in these products and how they will benefit your goals and needs. This will provide you with a clearer idea of what to pass on and what's worth the splurge. ▪ Have a question for Esty Emily? Email her at

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